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“Working with my sister has been a lovely way to expand and experiment with my work. I have always been inspired by Yasmin’s ability to create beautiful patterns and colours which reflect the landscape and working together has given us both new ideas and ways to combine our love for nature and the natural world into a new line of collaborative pieces.”

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Yasmin is the woven textile designer behind Yasmin’s Warp and Weft, creating work that focuses on the natural world in which she surrounds herself.
Yasmin’s final year studies at Nottingham Trent University, on the Textile Design course, explored the history of wool within Britain’s Textiles industry. Learning the techniques of washing, carding, spinning and dyeing to enable her to understand the whole process, from sheep to shop. Immersing herself in the natural world of wool Yasmin now develops a range of soft furnishing products. All are hand woven on an 8 shaft table loom using a range of British wools, currently based on the edge of the North Yorkshire.  Each project joins together the old and the new, still inspired by the research into Yasmin’s Persian roots she combines this with colour inspiration from the ever-changing world around her. Captivated with the classic patterns of Islamic Art she captures the traditional pattern repeats, specifically looking at their use of geometric shapes. Developing her work with the changing of the seasons comes colour inspiration from the natural world. The woven fabrics capture the subtle changes of the pale blue skies to the reds of the sun set and the subtle greens of the moors. The design for soft furnishings is made using contrasting colours in the warp and weft creating defined pattern and colour to bring the outside in.



Tess is a freelance mixed media illustrator working from a little studio based in West London. She studied Fine art Sculpture at Brighton and went on to run her own inclusive arts business. She has run workshops in print making, felt making and drawing but her passion lies within illustration.  She spends as much time doodling and thinking up new little animal characters along her side her full-time job working in an SEN school. 

Tess grew up in the countryside in the north of England and loves the being outside, walking and exploring. Much of her work is inspired by nature, the natural world and all the wonderful animals that live in it. She spent many years living in Brighton and with the South Downs and the Beach on her doorstep there was always an abundance of wildlife close-by. Now in London, when not exploring or visiting the South Downs, she is in her studio bringing some of her animal friends to life.  

“Every drawing is a chance to create a little character, to look further than just the drawn image and to create a personality, a story for each of the animals. Larry the Badger is a kindly chap who loves a mooch in the trees at dusk. He is quiet but friendly when stopped by others on his woodland walks and will always invite you in for a cuppa on a chilly evening. The names for all my ‘little friends’ come to me as they emerge on the paper, I like to think that they are all waiting to be drawn.” 

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